Perjalanan UIC
    February 1983 Establishment of PT Unggul Indah Corporation
    November 1985 Commencement of Commercial Production
    September 1989 Initial Public Offering
    November 1989 Company Listing in Jakarta and Surabaya Stock Exchange
    August 1992 Acquisition of PT Petrocentral, Gresik, East Java
    April 1993 Establishment of UIC Vietnam Co., Ltd.
    End 1996

    Completion of PACOL


    Sigining of Joint Venture Agreement with PT Wiranusa Grahatama

    Early 1997 Achievement of ISO 9002
    Mid 1997 Acquisition of Universal Interchemicals Corp. Pte., Ltd. (UICPL), Singapore (formerly known as Salim Oleochemicals Pte., Ltd.)
    End 1999 Change of Company Name to PT Unggul Indah Cahaya Tbk.
    Mid 2001 Rescheduling of Syndication Loan
    Early 2003

    UICPL increased its shares ownership from 50% to 100% in Albright & Wilson (Australia) Limited (AWAL)


    Achievement of ISO 9001:2000

    October 2003

    Bond Issuance (Obligasii Unggul Indah Cahaya I 2003) with nominal value of IDR 600 billion


    Fully Repayment of Syndication Loan

    Early 2004 Achievement of ISO 14001:1996
    June 2005 Acquisition of 55% share ownership of PT Wiranusa Grahatama through Convertible Bond conversion

    December 2005

    Completion of De-bottlenecking Project, increasing annual installed production capacity by 60,000 MT from 210,000 MT to 270,000 MT per annum

    February 2006

    Establishment of United Austindo Chemicals Pte., Ltd. (UACPL) Singapore

    Mid 2006

    UACPL Acquisition of 40% share ownership in Fang Cheng Tian-Mu Chemicals Co., Ltd. China

    September 2008 Signing of USD 55 million Club Deal Facility Agreement
    October 2008 Settlement of UIC's Bonds (Obligasi Unggul Indah Cahaya I Tahun 2003)
    October 2009 Early Pre-repayment Club Deal Facility Loan USD 8 million
    September 2010 Signing of Sales and Purchase of Product Agreement with Qatar Shell GTL Limited
    End 2010 Dispose of 40% share ownership in Fang Cheng Tian-Mu Chemical Co., Ltd. China
    January 2011 Voluntarily repayment Club Deal Loan USD 8.9 million
    December 2011 Liquidation of United Austindo Chemicals Pte., Ltd. Singapore
    February 2013 UIC’s 30th Birthday Anniversary
    July 2013 Achievement of OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification
    October 2013 Fully repayment of Club Deal Facility Loan
    2014 Obtain long term loan facility (5 years) from The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. amounted to USD 15 million and from PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. amounted to IDR 50 billion
    2015 The Company and its subsidiary, PT Petrocentral use US Dollar currency in their tax reporting.

    The Company started construction of jetty expansion

    UIC Revalues its Fixed Assets for purposes only

    December 2017

    Inauguration of UIC's Jetty II

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