Sustainability Report

  • Explanation of Sustainable Strategy

    This Sustainability Report represents the Company‚Äôs commitment and compliance to the laws and regulations, among others, Law no. 40/2007 concerning Limited Company, which requires the Limited Company to submit a report on their Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility activities in the Annual Report. In addition, this report is also to comply with the Circular Letter of the Financial Services Authority No.16/SEOJK.04/2021 concerning the Form and Content of the Annual Report of Issuers or Public Companies and in the context of implementing sustainable finance for issuers and public companies as referred to in the Financial Services Authority Regulation. No. 51/POJK.03/2017 concerning the Implementation of Sustainable Financial Reports for Financial Service Institutions, Issuers and Public Companies.  

    Sustainable strategy is a concept that aims to create a balance between the dimensions of development which includes three policy areas where these policies are interconnected with each other and are the driving pillars of sustainable development, these policies include economic development, social development and environmental protection.

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